Central Committee

Members of the Woodbury County Democratic Central Committee are elected every two years at neighborhood precinct caucuses. The Central Committee meets monthly and governs the affairs of the County Party according to by-laws adopted based on Iowa state law. Demscentralcommittee005Party members select candidates for office, help them get elected, and become involved in the governing process, both directly through the elected officials who represent them and by contributing to the development of County, District, State and National party platforms.

The Central Committee is organized into several working groups, each of which is open to participation by registered Democrats, whether or not they are on the Central Committee.

Any Democrat may attend Central Committee meetings! Don’t be shy…


Chair: Penny RosfjordWoodbury Democrats

Vice Chair: Dr. Greg GuelcherWoodbury Democrats

Secretary: Karen HavlicekWoodbury Democrats

Treasurer: Jack O’BrienWoodbury Democrats

Affirmative Action: Dr. Patrick Blaine

Webmaster: Rick MullinWoodbury Democrats

Data Collection: Herb Kuehne

Fundraising Chair: Dave SomskyWoodbury Democrats

Advisory Roles, Candidates and Campaigns: Dave Somsky, Al Sturgeon, Tim Bottaro, Valerie Hennings, Rick Mullin and Dianne McTeer


Central Committee:

Click Here for the list of the current Central Committee

 Elected Officials:

Larry Clausen              County Supervisor
Patrick Gill                    Auditor
P.J. Jennings                County Attorney
Mark Monson             County Supervisor
Jaclyn D. Smith           County Supervisor
David Dawson            State Rep House District 14
Chris Hall                       State Rep House District 13

Retired Officials:

George Boykin             County Supervisor

Woodbury County Democrats, promoting democratic ideals and greater participation.