Call to the 2016 Woodbury County Democratic Convention

March 12, 2016

Registration 8:00 AM ~ Convention Convenes at 9:00 AM
West High School
2001 Casselman   Sioux City, IA

General Information:

  1. Delegate and Alternate registration will open at 8:00 AM and will continue until 10:00 AM.  
  2. Convention will Convenes at 9:00 AM.
  3. The Credentials Committee will begin seating Alternates and Registered Democrats from Woodbury County by 9:00 AM.  Late arriving Registered Democrats will be seated in available positions.
  4. Delegate Fee is $10.00 and none for unseated Alternates and Guests wishing to attend.

The delegate fee is not mandatory. The Iowa Democratic Party Constitution states:

“No delegate’s rights to fully participate or vote in any convention shall be dependent on the payment of a delegate fee.”

If you were elected as a Delegate to the convention at your precinct Caucus but cannot attend, you have the right to name another Democrat to replace you  at the convention. To do this, you must submit an “Alternate Assignment Form” available by clicking here.

If you need  specific arrangements for ADA needs,  please call Teresa Wolff 712-251-6418 before the convention so we can work to meet your needs.

Convention Documents You Will Need

A very limited number of pre-printed versions of these documents will be available at the convention for you to use and share. HOWEVER, we strongly suggest you print your own copy if you can, and bring it to the convention. Some people may chose to save the documents to their smart phone or tablet and save some paper.

The complete “Call to Convention” document is 38 pages, and includes the basic “Call” plus the report of the Platform Committee, and the complete list of Delegates and Alternate Delegates. ALL DOCUMENTS ARE IN PDF FORMAT THAT YOU CAN VIEW, SAVE, OR PRINT. 

Click Here for Complete Call, with Platform and Delegate List


Click Here for JUST the Call with the Platform, 18 pages


Click Here for ONLY the Delegate and Alternate List, 20 pages