Scott Walker quits Presidential race and becomes the Dark Lord of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker bails out of the GOP presidential race recently and returned home. Only to continue his rein of terror on the residents of his home state.

A few articles highlight how the state’s Supreme Court threw out an investigation of illegal campaign tactics Walker and others coordinated for his run for state office and now he has signed into law a bill  passed by the Republican legislature that overturns years of progressive politics allowing the investigation of corruption into politics at all levels of government. Evidently the governor is afraid of more illegal actions on his part coming to fruition.

A recent Esquire article.

“Most recently, Walker signed a law that essentially eliminates the kind of investigations for which his career has proven to be such a target-rich environment.

The John Doe law, as it is called in Wisconsin, has given prosecutors the power to obtain search warrants and order people to testify and turn over documents in investigations that typically take place in secret. Under the measure, which easily passed both Republican-controlled chambers of the State Legislature, prosecutors will no longer be allowed to use the John Doe law to investigate crimes that include bribery and misconduct in office. The legislation will also limit proceedings to six months and lift an order that barred subjects of an investigation from discussing it publicly.


An article published by the  Associated Press published on Yahoo gets into allegations the Wisconsin Republicans are trying to cover tracks .

 Wisconsin Republicans are moving at breakneck speed to abolish secret investigations into political corruption such as one that haunted Gov. Scott Walker, do away with the state’s unique nonpartisan elections board and legalize coordination between candidates and shadowy issue advocacy groups that don’t disclose their donors.

The moves come after Republicans were angered by a secret investigation of Walker approved by the elections board that focused on coordination with conservative issue advocacy groups.

Republicans deny they’re seeking retribution for the probe, which the state Supreme Court in July ended as unconstitutional. But Democrats and independent observers say the changes will transform the state’s elections and regulatory process, making it more difficult to investigate politicians for wrongdoing in office.”

The Washington Post also published a piece about Walker and his political cronies are changing ways in the Cheese Head State.

Yesterday, the minority Democrats boycotted a vote on some of that legislation, a bill that would end some campaign contribution limits and allow candidates to coordinate with “issue” organizations. The caps on individual donations to state legislative and constitutional offices would be doubled;unlimited funds would be allowed to flow to campaign committees, even if the money came from the candidates themselves.

Democrats, who have fought in vain to slow down conservative legislation in the past, were shocked at the speed of this bill. “It was always moving, but it kind of hit an oil slick this month,” state Rep. Mandela Barnes said in an interview. “It sped up and got out of control.”

This bill is moving in tandem with similarly unstoppable efforts to change the Government Accountability Board from a nonpartisan watchdog to a bipartisan one, and to reform the sort of “John Doe” investigations that dogged Walker before and during his presidential bid. Wisconsin Republicans have said that GAB reform is necessary; Assembly Speaker Robin Vos called ita “failed experiment,”  saying it allowed purportedly nonpartisan officials to work against enemies.”

And finally a Reuters News Service piece also details how the Governor who wanted to correct the path of America is correcting the path of Wisconsin, and not for the better.

“MILWAUKEE (Reuters) – Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker on Friday signed a bill into law that prohibits prosecutors from using the state’s secret investigation law to probe political crimes – a measure used to convict four of his aides and investigate his campaign.

In Wisconsin, prosecutors can use a so called “John Doe” proceeding law to call witnesses, request search warrants and offer immunity without probable cause that a crime has been committed.

Under the legislation Walker signed, prosecutors can no longer use the law to investigate cases of bribery or political misconduct. Instead, the law is limited to the investigation of certain crimes, such as ones involving violent felonies.”

One should feel lucky for the nation and sorry for the state of Wisconsin.  This conservative wants to destroy the principles of freedom and democracy and open government his purportedly supports to remake it in a fashion that he and his puppet masters of money would like.

Heaven help us all and Lord have mercy.