The 2016 Democratic Caucus sites

Iowa Caucuses: Monday, February 1.
Doors open 6:30 PM, Caucuses begin at 7 PM
Here are the Democratic caucus sites in Woodbury County: 10 locations in Sioux City, and 3 in rural areas. NOTE: your caucus location is probably different from the place where you normally vote!

If you don’t know which precinct you live in:
Click Here to enter your address and see where you caucus

If you already know your voting location, you can find your caucus site below:

West Middle,
3301 West 19th, 51103

Precincts 1,6,7
(Sandy Keane, Faith Lutheran, Crescent Park)

Liberty Elementary School
1623 Rebecca Street, 51103

Precincts 2,4,8,11
(Cross Pointe, Siouxland Center for Active Generations, Mt. Zion, Girls, Inc.)

Riverside Elementary
2303 Riverside Blvd. , 51109

Precincts 3,5
(Concordia Lutheran, Riverside Lutheran)

Irving Elementary School
901 Floyd Blvd, 51105

Precincts 9,14,20
(Midtown Family Cntr, Boys & Girls, Augustana Lutheran)

North Middle
2101 Outer Drive, 51108

Precincts 10,16
(First Congregational, Trimble United Methodist)

Bryant Elementary
821 30th Street, 51104

Precincts 12,17
(St. John Lutheran, Sioux City Baptist)

Spaulding Elementary
4101 Stone Avenue, 51106

Precincts 13,15,21,23
(Sioux City Transit, Peace Reformed, Morningside Lutheran, Third Presbyterian)

Calvary Lutheran Church
4400 Central Avenue, 51108

Precincts  18,19
(Calvary Lutheran, Central Baptist)

East Middle
5401 Lorraine, 51106

Precincts 22,26,27
(Morningside Library, East Middle, St. James Methodist)

Morningside Elementary
3601 Bushnell Avenue, 51106

Precincts 24,25
(Washington Heights, Eppley Auditorium)

Sgt. Bluff High School
201 Port Neal Road, Sgt. Bluff, IA 51054

Precincts 28,29,30,31,38
(Redeemer Lutheran, Sgt. Bluff Community Cntr, Salix City Hall, Sloan Community Hall)

Moville Community Center
815 Main Street, Moville, IA 51039

Precincts 32,33,35,36,37,39
(Floyd Township Comm Bldg, Pierson City Hall, Moville Comm Cntr, Lawton Friendship Cntr, WC Public Safety Bldg, Hornick Fire Station)

River Valley School
Correctionville, IA 51016

Precincts 34,40,41,42,43,44
(Correctionville Comm Bldg, Anthon Comm Cntr, Danbury Emergency Serv Bldg, Smithland Fire Station, Oto City Hall, Cushing Fire Station)