Woodbury Democrats honor Wendt and Darrough

Wendt and Darrough retire


The Woodbury County Democrats are honoring this month two women with a legacy for their unfailing support to get Democrats elected.

Mickey Darrough and Anita Wendt are known commodities within the local Democratic party and both have long service. Wendt said she has been a Democrat for 50 + years while Darrough said she became a Democrat because her father was one, in the state of South Dakota where she said there are few.

Wendt said being a member of the Woodbury County Democrats was like being a member of an extended family, and enjoyed meeting so many wonder people over the years while canvassing, making phone calls and just being involved with the party.

Darrough said she married into a strong labor family, her husband was a truck driver and member of the Teamsters union and her brother-in-law a president of the local Teamsters union. She said she cast her first presidential ballot vote for Harry Turman and was inspired by Adlai Stevenson and so many more Democrats over the years.

Both Wendt and Darrough became more involved with the local Democratic party when family members got involved in politics. For Anita, it was her husband Roger who ran for Iowa House District 2 in 2002 after retiring from the Sioux City School District when he was 68. For Mickey, it was when her daughter Linda Santee ran for the Iowa House District 1 in 1994.

Wendt said she fondly remembers everyone’s kindness after Roger was diagnosed with cancer and until his passing and finishing his fourth term as a legislator.

Darrough said a thrill for her was the recognition in 2002 and again in 2004 when she worked as the office manager for the Woodbury Democrats.

Wendt and Darrough retire


The two are living examples of the dedication and hard work that Democrats exhibit in their tireless pursuit of helping the working man and woman, and many are themselves honored, and lucky, to call these two friends.