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We are Woodbury!

Dave Dawson with Joe Biden.jpg
David Dawson
County Chair
Linda Santi
Vice Chair

Elected December 2023


Dave is a former State Representative from Woodbury County, who lives in Lawton, IA with his wife and family. He was elected Vice Chair in March 2023 and served as interim chair since May 2023.

Karen Havelichek

Karen Havelichek - under construction

Ryan Akerberg
Media Coordinator 

Ryan Akerberg was born in Sioux City, Iowa and is a small business owner

Linda Santi - under construction

Leticia O'Kane

Leticia O'Kane - under construction

Karen Mackey
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair

Karen Mackey - under construction

Treyla Lee
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair

Treyla Lee - under construction

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