Our Dream Team

U.S. Senate - Theresa Greenfield

Theresa is a farm kid with farm kid values. She’s running for Senate because it’s time Iowans had a Senator who put us first – not the special interests. Growing up on a farm instilled in her a get-it-done attitude she will bring to the Senate to solve problems for our working families. https://greenfieldforiowa.com

For U.S. House - J.D. Scholten

During the 2018 election cycle, J.D. Scholten was the only candidate to host a town hall in all 39 counties in Iowa’s 4th district. He started off every one with this statistic: the average member of the U.S. Congress is 58 years old and has a net worth of about one million dollars. J.D. Scholten is different: he’s 20 years younger and about a million dollars short of that average. He has something money can’t buy: deep Iowa roots and values and the determination to win. https://www.scholten4iowa.com

For State Senate - Jackie Smith

“In the Iowa Senate, I will work to bring business to Iowa, but not on the backs of the working class and our most vulnerable citizens. “That means investing more resources in our community colleges, job training, and apprenticeship to ensure that more workers are ready to fill good-paying jobs today, tomorrow and next year.”  www.smithforiowasenate.com

State Representative - Chris Hall (Dist 13)

Over the past several years, I've fought hard for economic development, early childhood education, and lower property taxes. I was born and raised in Sioux City and have been proud to serve our community as a State Representative.  It is a great honor to have this opportunity to give back.  www.hallforiowa.com

State Representative - Steve Hansen (Dist 14)

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State Representative - Jan Creasman (Dist 17)

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