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Call To Convention (3/15/2018)

Woodbury County Democratic Convention

March 24, 2018

Registration 9:00 AM ~ Convention Convenes at 10:00 AM
West High School, 2001 Casselman Street, Sioux City, IA

For the full 2018 Convention Rules, click here (.pdf)

Call to Meeting and Location Change (2/10/2018)

Greetings Democrats!

Thank you for caucusing. Based on past years mid-term turnout, we had a successful turnout. We doubled our 2014 attendance numbers.

We are pleased to call a meeting of the Committee on Committees and Central Committee on Saturday, Feb 17, 2018, @ 10 am

Please note that this meeting location has changed!

We will now meet at:

Morningside Branch Library
4005 Morningside Ave
Sioux City, Iowa

The purpose of the Committee on Committee Meeting is to begin planning the County Convention that will take place on March 24th at West High School.

Caucus Night is February 5, 2018 @ 7 pm! (1/30/2018)

Where do I Caucus?

Click this Link –

Which Precinct do I caucus in?

Click this Link –

Precinct Captains – Click this link to report your results

2018 Midterm Caucus Call (1/19/2018)

Iowa Democratic Party Caucus: WOODBURY COUNTY

Monday, February 5th, 2018 7:00pm

You must be in-line or signed-in by 7:00pm to participate

Sign in begins at 6:30 pm

The Woodbury Democrats will meet at the following location(s):

Precinct 1-9 – West High School, 2001 Casselman St, Sioux City

Precinct 10-19 – North High School, 4200 Cheyenne Blvd, Sioux City

Precinct 20-27 – East Middle School, 5401 Lorraine Ave, Sioux City

Precinct 28-31 – Community United Methodist Church, 101 Baker drive, Sgt Bluff

Precinct 32-37 – Woodbury Central High School, 408 S 4th Street, Moville

Precinct 38-39 – Community United Methodist Church, 101 Baker Drive, Sgt Bluff

Precinct 40-44 – Woodbury Central High School, 408 S 4th Street, Moville

The purpose of this year’s caucus is to:

  1. Discuss and adopt proposed resolutions to be added to the county platform.
  2. Elect Delegates and Alternates to the County Convention
  3. Elect Precinct Committee Persons to the County Central Committee

The precinct caucus is a great way to get involved in grassroots activities with the Iowa Democratic Party.

All Iowa Democrats are encouraged to attend.

Please call Jeremy Dumkrieger at 712-301-6869 if you have any questions.

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About Us

About the Woodbury County Democrats

The Woodbury County Democrats exist simply to help Democratic candidates get elected. We concentrate on local elections, of course, Woodburys Dems

but we also help at the state and national levels as much as possible.   This is done through a variety of means — though primarily by giving local candidates as much exposure as possible.


The Central Committee is the backbone of the Woodbury County Democrats. The Central Committee meets monthly. Most members of the Central Committee are elected every two years during the precinct caucuses. Each precinct is represented on the Central Committee. Members may also be appointed by the Chair, and there are a number of at-large members. NOTE: Any interested Democrat may attend the Central Committee meetings!

The Executive Committee is a much smaller group that meets monthly to deal with the mundane details that crop up. Members of the Executive Committee tend to be more active with the party on a day-to-day basis.


The Woodbury County Democrats hold a number of recurring events, such as breakfasts, fundraisers, dinners, etc. Please check our calendar to see what’s coming up!