Braley, Anderson to visit Sioux City Oct. 28 and Oct. 29

This week both U.S. Iowa Senate candidate Bruce Braley and Iowa Secretary of State candidate Brad Anderson will be in Sioux City to visit with supporters. With barely a eight days left, local Democrats should rally around their candidates at the Democratic Headquarters Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014
Bruce Braley will visit at 2:45pm at the election office,  401 South Lewis Blvd.
Wednesday, Oct. 29
Brad Anderson will visit at 3:00pm at the election office, 401 South Lewis Blvd.
Come listen to their progress and the importance for all of us to step up and help get our fellow Democrats out to vote.


NPR’s report shows Ernst not favored by some women

A report last week by National Public Radio describes that not all women believe the Iowa U.S. Senate Republican candidate Joni Ernst is not good for the women of Iowa. This includes Republican based women voters too.

The report is based on a NPR reporter that watched the Braley/Ernst debate and then talked about it afterwards. There is both an audio report and the written story as well. This took place in the Des Moines area. What is interesting is that women who identified themselves as Republican even find candidate Ernst took extreme for them and their issues concerning health. This is not a definitive look, but anecdotally a bit of an eye-opener.

Where’s Joni Ernst?

Bloomberg Politics wrote a story the other day asking Iowa’s U.S. Senate Republican candidate Joni Ernst is skipping meetings with various newspapers’ editorial boards. A no show with the Des Moines Register and not scheduling meetings with The Gazette, Quad-City Times or the the Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

The Gazette story states: “Des Moines Register publisher Rick Green issued a statement regarding Ernst’s decision to cancel her meeting with the paper.

“We were disappointed by the Ernst camp’s decision to not spend an hour with the editorial board and share her vision for our state and the rest of the country,” Green said in the statement. “This has been an incredibly nasty, competitive race where both sides have spent millions and aired tens of thousands of TV spots. Undecided voters I talk to want Sen. Ernst to break through the rhetoric and cacophony of campaign ads about hogs, Obamacare and balanced budgets. It’s a time for sharing specifics. It’s a chance to have a serious conversation about vision, priorities, the economy, national security, foreign relations and Social Security.

“I’m not angry she snubbed the Des Moines Register editorial board, which is in final deliberations about our Senate endorsement. It truly isn’t about us. We wanted to discuss the future of the state and allow Joni Ernst to share insights and specific responses to the concerns and questions of Iowans and voters. It’s unfortunate that cannot happen.”

Candidates typically agree to meetings with editorial boards without incident, said Elizabeth Schott, director of editorial relations for The Gazette.

“I can think of zero times that this has happened,” Schott said. She said of the roughly two dozen local and federal candidates The Gazette invited to editorial board meetings this year, Ernst was the only one the paper was not able to schedule.

The Gazette endorsed Braley on Sunday.

Des Moines Register endorses Mowrer

In 2012, the Des Moines Register supported the nomination of Mitt Romney to lead the country. For 2014, it is supporting Jim Mowrer for Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District.

The paper states: “Although this is (Jim) Mowrer’s first bid for public office, he has an impressive grasp of the issues facing Congress….He’s also his own man, and he clearly speaks from personal conviction rather than parroting the scripted talking points provided by party leadership.One of his best goals is a “basic functioning government.” This is in contrast to King.

A year ago, after helping engineer a shutdown of the federal government, he (Steve King) stood near the World War II Memorial and distracted a National Park Service ranger who was trying to close the monument due to the shutdown.

King talked to the ranger while a group of elderly veterans, some in wheelchairs, pushed aside the barricades and entered the memorial. “That was my intent when I went over there,” King later boasted, describing it as “perhaps the best” day he had ever had in Washington.

Of course, the memorial would not have been closed — and 9,000 Department of Veterans Affairs workers would not have been furloughed — had it not been for the shutdown King and other Republicans helped orchestrate.

The incident illustrates why King has become such a polarizing and ineffective member of Congress.

His opponent is a hard-working patriot with a demonstrated commitment to public service. Jim Mowrer has earned the honor of representing Iowa as its 4th District congressman.”


Iowa papers beginning to endorse candidates

Iowa newspapers have begun endorsing candidates for Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District and Iowa’s U.S. Senate seat. The Storm Lake Times states that  Joni Ernst “has a solution to the problems of government: Blow it up. Worried about Social Security? Scrap it for private vouchers that may or may not sustain Grandma. Don’t like the EPA dragging its feet on renewable fuels? Get rid of it. Think the Affordable Care Act is a drag on the economy? Repeal it.”

The paper states, ” (Bruce) Braley is better prepared than Ernst. He is a builder, not a destroyer. Braley will preserve Iowa’s penchant for balance in its congressional delegation. He will be a great successor to Tom Harkin. What Braley is: smart, the product of an upbringing in Brooklyn, Iowa, approachable and genial, committed to the progression cause that seeks to lift all boats, pragmatic and realistic.”

The paper also endorses Jim Mowrer.

“It should come as no surprise that we urge you to vote for Jim Mowrer, D-Boone, in the race for Fourth District Congress against incumbent Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron. We have endorsed every candidate to run against him over the past decade as he continues to insult the growing bulk of Storm Lake residents: hard-working Latinos who are trying to escape poverty, corruption, crime and violence in their homelands who simply want a little peace and prosperity on the prairie.

King has done almost nothing to help build Storm Lake and Buena Vista County. Most of his effort involves getting his nativist views on right-wing websites and cable TV shows. He has tried time and again to shut down the government over health insurance legislation, and threatens another such effort if President Obama issues executive orders over immigration. Like Ernst, King knows what he is against. His game is entirely about tearing things down, not building things up.

Jim Mowrer is an Iraq war veteran, a Boone farm boy, a dedicated husband and father, a former Pentagon strategic analyst, and a straight talker who tries to understand different points of view. He would be a representative from Iowa for whom we all could be proud to call “congressman.

Vote for Jim Mowrer Nov. 4. Enough of Steve King, already.”

Local media endorsements, the same ol’ same ol’?

The local paper is publishing its endorsements for office holders for the upcoming Nov. 4 election. So far, it has supported a split ticket. Supporting both Democrats and Republicans for local and state offices, both incumbents and newcomers.

But will that continue? Will the local paper see its way to continue supporting what many see as a tired old refrain. Many reading this will guess that the local paper will endorse Ernst as a newcomer, and King as the incumbent. But the question is why? Below is the endorsement the Journal wrote for King in 2012. All the bits of advice it suggested was largely ignored by the incumbent. It will be interesting to see if there are any new arguments, or the same ol’, same ol’. The bold emphasis is this writer’s query if anything has changed.

Oct. 21, 2012 8:00 am  Journal editorial board

“In Steve King, we see two people.

One is a family man possessed of deep roots in our congressional district, intelligence, analytical skills, a firm grasp of issues important to his constituents, honesty and integrity. He’s positioned well within the U.S. House due to party affiliation and experience. Our district is well-served by this Steve King.

The other is a controversial figure whose no-compromise approach to conservative dogma, stated goal to move America to the right politically and penchant for inflammatory language sometimes frustrate constituents (including us) and hinder his effectiveness in Congress. At times, he appears more interested in making a national name for himself than attending to what should be his first priority – life back home. This Steve King is more of a liability than an asset for the district.

In reaching a decision on an endorsement in the 4th District House race, we balanced those two perspectives of King and weighed them against his challenger, former Iowa first lady Christie Vilsack.

In the end, we came to this conclusion: What we like about King outweighs what we don’t. As for Vilsack, she didn’t make a convincing case for why she would be a more effective voice for the wishes and needs of this district than King or why her vision for the future is a better fit for this district than King’s.

As a result, the Journal today endorses King for a sixth term – with reservations.

We give King credit for reflecting the positions and values of most 4th District constituents, particularly those on this side of the district, for advocacy of key district initiatives such as the four-laning of Highway 20 and Missouri River flood mitigation, and for his understanding and championing of key economic sectors such as agriculture and the renewable fuels industry.

In our view, experienced Republican King would be in a stronger position in the next two years to serve district interests and advance district priorities in what likely will remain a GOP-controlled House than would political newcomer and Democrat Vilsack.

As for reservations, we urge King to spend less time pushing the far-right conservative agenda on the national stage and more time pushing for economic vitality and responding to constituents back home. Also, we urge King to embrace a greater spirit of bipartisanship within the House in pursuit of common-ground solutions to the complicated challenges we face as a nation. Compromise isn’t a profane word. It’s how we get stuff done in America. Intransigence simply leads to more intransigence.

This race will be close. King was forced to work harder in this contest than in any of his previous re-election bids. Vilsack raised the bar for opposition to King and gave a strong voice to the congressman’s weaknesses. If he wins re-election, King would be wise to embrace lessons from this campaign and make appropriate changes in his approach to public service.

Bottom line: Even if he returns to Washington for another term, King should leave this race understanding his isn’t a safe-for-life House seat.”

Election night party

PLEASE JOIN the Woodbury County Democratic Party for a post  election and appreciation  party at Trattoria Fresco, 416 Jackson Street,  Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, at 8 p.m.

Food provided by the Woodbury County Democratic Party, but you are on your own for drinks.


Alex Watters reception Thursday Oct. 16 at Morningside College

 A reception for Alex Watters will be held at Roadman Hall at 3900 Peters Ave. on the Morningside College campus from 4pm-6pm,Thursday, Oct. 16. Roadman Hall is across from the Student Center.  Alex will be speaking at 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM.
The Braley-Ernst debate will be that same evening at Morningside College, Eppley Auditorium starting at 7:00 PM so if you were planning on attending the debate you will be able to join us before and have some light refreshments and conversation with our intelligent and mature candidate. Please feel free to come when your time allows.


We are supporting him as many others are because he will bring a fresh perspective to Woodbury County.  As people that know Alex say, he is very approachable, smart, and open-minded.  Alex has said that he wants to build a better working relationship with the various communities in Woodbury County, the City of Sioux City and be a voice for men and women throughout our community.

 With the endorsements by the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce, the Firefighters and Sheriffs Unions, the Northwest Iowa Labor Council and AFSCME it is very encouraging that these groups also see that Alex Watters will be a positive leader that we need on the Woodbury CountyBoard of Supervisors.

 We are also working to raise money and awareness for his campaign.  If you can, please join us for this opportunity to meet Alex. If you cannot make it, please feel free to mail a check to:

                                      Alex Watters for Woodbury

                                      P.O. Box 5346

                                      Sioux City, IA 51102


    Whether you write a check or not, please come out for this opportunity to listen to Alex’s message. You will be impressed by Alex’s passion and vision for our county.  If you would like more information on the Watters for Woodbury campaign or would like to make a donation online, please visit


Thank you very much,

Tim and Kathy Bottaro, Leon and Ruth Koster, Tricia and Keith Sutherland, Vince and Diane Cox, Rick Mullin, Ester VanDyke, Rita and Dan DeJong, Dave Somsky and Heath Weber



Braley Ernst Debate Tickets Available

Tickets for  U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Bruce Braley and Republican candidate Joni Ernst debate are available.

The debate will take place at Morningside College’s Eppley Auditorium Thursday evening starting at 7 p.m.

People interested in attending should call Mo Marzouk at (267) 266-5174 or stop by our Office at 401 S. Lewis Blvd (intersection of Hwy. 75 South and Leech) to pick up a voucher.

Tickets are guaranteed for everybody who has a voucher, but only if they attend the 5:30 pm rally in the outdoor amphitheatre next to Eppley.   Otherwise there is no guarantee of an actual ticket.  People can do tickets one  +1 basis, but they will need to provide the person’s name they plan on bringing.
Because tickets are limited, it is strongly suggested people contact Mo as soon as possible.
Get involved and come support Congr. Braley to be elected the next U.S. Senator from Iowa.

Woodbury County Democrats, promoting democratic ideals and greater participation.