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Polling Places for June 5 Primary Voting (6/1/2018)

Precincts Open at 7 am and close at 9 pm. Happy voting!

1 Church of Jesus Christ of LDS 1201 W Clifton Ave 255-9567
2 Cross Pointe Church 2300 W 19th St 252-0323
3 Concordia Lutheran Church 2000 Military Rd 252-2938
4 Siouxland Center for Active Generations 313 Cook St 255-1729
5 Riverside Lutheran Church 1817 Riverside Blvd 233-1491
6 Faith Lutheran Church 3101 Hamilton Blvd 258-4820
7 Bryant/Crescent Park School 1114 W. 27th St 279-6825
8 Mt. Zion Baptist Church 1421 Geneva St. 255-4623
9 Boys & Girls Home 2101 Court St 293-4700
10 First Congregational Church 4600 Hamilton Blvd 239-3385
11 Girls Inc. 500 Main St 252-1088
12 St. John Lutheran Church 2801 Jackson St. 277-3945
13 Sioux City Transit Building 2505 4th St 279-6405
14 Boys & Girls Home 2101 Court St 293-4700
15 Peace Reformed Church 4100 Outer Drive N. 258-0486
16 Trimble United Methodist Church 1424 27th St 252-2883
17 Sioux City Baptist Church 3222 Pawnee Pl. 255-5608
18 Calvary Lutheran Church 4400 Central St. 239-1575
19 Central Baptist Church 4001 Indian Hills Dr. 239-1000
20 Augustana Lutheran Church 600 Court St. 255-7694
21 Morningside Lutheran Church 700 S Martha St 276-2511
22 Morningside Branch Library 4005 Morningside Ave 255-2933
23 Iglesia Restauracion Canaan 2925 Chicago Ave. 490-3010
24 Washington Heights Chapel 2600 S St Marys St 276-3073
25 Morningside Coll. Eppley Aud. 3625 Garretson Ave 274-5209
26 Morningside Bible Church 6100 Morningside Ave 276-3721
27 St James United Methodist Church 2032 S Cypress St 276-2667
28 Redeemer Lutheran Church 3204 S. Lakeport St. 276-1125
29/Sgt Bluff East/Woodbury Twp Sergeant Bluff Community Center 903 Topaz Dr 943-5800
30/Sgt Bluff West Sergeant Bluff Community Center 903 Topaz Dr 943-5800
31/Salix/Lib-Lak Twp Salix City Hall 319 Tipton St 946-5645
32/Bronson/Flo-Grg Twp Bronson City Hall / Community Bldg 100 East 1st St. 948-3663
33/Pierson/Rutland Twp Pierson City Hall 201 Main St 375-5015
34/C’ville/Ked-Uni Twp Correctionville Community Building 312 Driftwood 372-4791
35/Moville/Arl-Mov-Wol Twp Moville Community Center 815 Main St 873-5757
36/Lawton/Banner Twp Lawton Friendship Center 300 Cedar St 944-5400
37/Climbing Hill/Grt-Wes Twp W.C. Public Safety Center 121 Deer Run Tr. 876-2212
38/Sloan/Sloan Twp Sloan Community Hall 423 Evans St 428-3250
39/Hornick/Willow Twp Hornick Fire Station 400 Main St 874-3374
40/Anthon/Miller Twp Anthon Comm Center 110 N 5th Ave 373-5344
41/Danbury/Lis-Mor Twp Danbury Emergency Services Building 201 Main St 893-5000
42/Smithland/Little Sioux Twp Smithland Fire Station 107 S Hickory St 889-2808
43/Oto/Oto Twp Oto City Hall 27 Washington St 827-4522
44/Cushing/Rock Twp Cushing Fire Station 201 Main St 384-2781
Call To Convention (3/15/2018)

Woodbury County Democratic Convention

March 24, 2018

Registration 9:00 AM ~ Convention Convenes at 10:00 AM
West High School, 2001 Casselman Street, Sioux City, IA

For the full 2018 Convention Rules, click here (.pdf)

Call to Meeting and Location Change (2/10/2018)

Greetings Democrats!

Thank you for caucusing. Based on past years mid-term turnout, we had a successful turnout. We doubled our 2014 attendance numbers.

We are pleased to call a meeting of the Committee on Committees and Central Committee on Saturday, Feb 17, 2018, @ 10 am

Please note that this meeting location has changed!

We will now meet at:

Morningside Branch Library
4005 Morningside Ave
Sioux City, Iowa

The purpose of the Committee on Committee Meeting is to begin planning the County Convention that will take place on March 24th at West High School.

Caucus Night is February 5, 2018 @ 7 pm! (1/30/2018)

Where do I Caucus?

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Which Precinct do I caucus in?

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Precinct Captains – Click this link to report your results

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About Us

About the Woodbury County Democrats

The Woodbury County Democrats exist simply to help Democratic candidates get elected. We concentrate on local elections, of course, Woodburys Dems

but we also help at the state and national levels as much as possible.   This is done through a variety of means — though primarily by giving local candidates as much exposure as possible.


The Central Committee is the backbone of the Woodbury County Democrats. The Central Committee meets monthly. Most members of the Central Committee are elected every two years during the precinct caucuses. Each precinct is represented on the Central Committee. Members may also be appointed by the Chair, and there are a number of at-large members. NOTE: Any interested Democrat may attend the Central Committee meetings!

The Executive Committee is a much smaller group that meets monthly to deal with the mundane details that crop up. Members of the Executive Committee tend to be more active with the party on a day-to-day basis.


The Woodbury County Democrats hold a number of recurring events, such as breakfasts, fundraisers, dinners, etc. Please check our calendar to see what’s coming up!