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Woodbury County Democratic Party Central Committee Meeting (8/13/2017)

Make sure to join us for the monthly Central Committee meeting! The next one will be Wednesday, September 13 at 6 pm at the Wilbur Aalfs Library, 529 Pierce Street in Sioux City.

Join us at the RiverCade parade! (7/16/2017)

The Woodbury County Democrats will have a float in the 54th annual RiverCade Parade at 6 pm on Wednesday, July 19 in downtown Sioux City – come join the celebration and show your Democratic pride!

For more information, please email

Resistance the Cat (6/18/2017)

Resistance the cat is going door to door, asking for small donations. If Resistance has visited you – you can donate here!

New Site Coming Soon (5/30/2017)

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Budget deficit and tread water economics are part of the reason this state is feeling #BranstadFatigue…

"I don't know if he is scared to answer for his record or just choosing to prioritize something other than his job," ... Dumkrieger said.…

@emilyjshields Come to Sioux City. See how its done.

Who is up for registering boters at the WILF Labor Day picnic?…

Hamilton Karaoke fundraiser-Sept 7th. 7pm. 21st Ammendment - Sioux City. Be there!

"Time wounds all heels." John Lennon

Visited Japan on exchange trip last winter. Their leaders view TPP as huge missed opportunity too, same as Iowa farmers.…

You know what's unacceptable? Forcing students to pay for tax cuts the state can't afford.…

Grilling in the backyard and I hear @SIOUX_CITY_FIRE heading out. God bless you guys and gals for all you do

Evelyn is one of my favorite constituents and an absolute saint for all she's done at the Soup Kitchen....

Proud of friend and colleague @RepPrichard. Solid on the issues, great campaign team, 100% stand up guy.

I find what we saw in Virginia today personally is a dagger to the heart, I see we have a lot of work to do .

Congratulations to Phil Miller and the @iahousedemocrat team! Huge win for rural Democrats and Iowans.

Siouxlanders voice concern over health care…

Listen to this! We talk about upcoming events on The Exchange

About Us

About the Woodbury County Democrats

The Woodbury County Democrats exist simply to help Democratic candidates get elected. We concentrate on local elections, of course, Woodburys Dems

but we also help at the state and national levels as much as possible.   This is done through a variety of means — though primarily by giving local candidates as much exposure as possible.


The Central Committee is the backbone of the Woodbury County Democrats. The Central Committee meets monthly. Most members of the Central Committee are elected every two years during the precinct caucuses. Each precinct is represented on the Central Committee. Members may also be appointed by the Chair, and there are a number of at-large members. NOTE: Any interested Democrat may attend the Central Committee meetings!

The Executive Committee is a much smaller group that meets monthly to deal with the mundane details that crop up. Members of the Executive Committee tend to be more active with the party on a day-to-day basis.


The Woodbury County Democrats hold a number of recurring events, such as breakfasts, fundraisers, dinners, etc. Please check our calendar to see what’s coming up!