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2nd Annual Harry Hopkins Democratic Dinner and Celebration (8/30/2017)

Featuring Senator Tom Harkin, Retired

Saturday, October 21, 2017

12th Floor Ballroom
Howard Johnson’s
707 4th Street
Sioux City, IA

6:00 pm  Social Hour
7:00 pm  Dinner by Trattoria Fresco

Harry Hopkins was born in Sioux City, and in the 1930’s and 1940’s was President Roosevelt’s key aid, adviser, personal envoy to plan with Winston Churchill, and who oversaw the WPA program that put people back to work during the depths of the Great Depression. 

The following levels of support are named in honor of local facilities originally created by the WPA under Harry Hopkin’s leadership:

$1,000   Grandview Bandshell
$500      Public Schools Stadium (Now Elwood Olsen Stadium)
$250      Sioux City Airport
$100      Hubbard Park

$50        Guest

Please join us for a great evening and help your LOCAL Democrats so we can keep our headquarters open and run the kind of campaign that will make us all proud.

It’s simple: we need YOUR help to keep our headquarters open and the lights on. And when you contribute to your local Woodbury County Democrats, it enables us to run a winning campaign for our candidates for the Iowa Legislature and County Courthouse. Best of all, the money you contribute here, STAYS HERE to elect local Democrats.

Get your tickets here!

Woodbury County Democratic Party Central Committee Meeting (8/13/2017)

Make sure to join us for the monthly Central Committee meeting! The next one will be Wednesday, September 13 at 6 pm at the Wilbur Aalfs Library, 529 Pierce Street in Sioux City.

Join us at the RiverCade parade! (7/16/2017)

The Woodbury County Democrats will have a float in the 54th annual RiverCade Parade at 6 pm on Wednesday, July 19 in downtown Sioux City – come join the celebration and show your Democratic pride!

For more information, please email

Resistance the Cat (6/18/2017)

Resistance the cat is going door to door, asking for small donations. If Resistance has visited you – you can donate here!

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Iowa borrows $13 million more to make budget balance | The Gazette

@JoshuaByrnes House Democrats offered package resulting in $53m savings to taxpayers last session. House Repubs killed the bill.

Bottom line, Gov Reynolds and GOP making Iowans pay for borrowed money and tax giveaways. Now, fuzzy math to avoid special session

@TimAlbrechtIA If Gov. Reynolds using a diff set of numbers, perhaps public deserves to know.…

Non-partisan experts projected accruals at $29.1 million. Ranged -16 to 19m past four years. Reynolds reporting they are $73.5m... shocker

The numbers don't add up. State was $104 million short on June 30... and only $13 million today. Where is Gov. Reynolds by the way?

Will Gov Reynolds call a special session or cook the books to avoid one? Read more here.

New budget memo: Gov. Reynolds failed economic policies are catching up to Iowa taxpayers and families.…

New budget memo: special session or cook the books? Hard choices follow Iowa GOP borrowing spree

Happening October 21st - Harry Hopkins Democratic Dinner and Celebration - tickets at

@ChuckGrassley response to Tisha Dumkrieger after delivering messages pleading for him not to repeal #affordablecareact #youcandobetter

When vital services are understaffed w/ no overtime - Iowans suffer. What part of that does @KimReynoldsIA not understand? #IAOvertime

Position of weakness "...doesn't usually happen unless there's concern it's turning into a liability"…

We will be celebrating Sioux City's own Harry Hopkins on Oct 21st with @SenatorHarkin buy your tickets at

@IowaGOP You guys borrowed hundreds of millions on credit and bankrupt the state? So, that happened. Nice of you to ask.

@IowaGOP wish you did this much homework on managing the budget

It would be an @IowaGOP imposed property tax increase on most everybody that owns a house in Iowa…

Teachers like @KeithJuelfs going the extra yard to improve our communities and families. Thank a teacher @HawkeyeFootball and Sioux City

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About the Woodbury County Democrats

The Woodbury County Democrats exist simply to help Democratic candidates get elected. We concentrate on local elections, of course, Woodburys Dems

but we also help at the state and national levels as much as possible.   This is done through a variety of means — though primarily by giving local candidates as much exposure as possible.


The Central Committee is the backbone of the Woodbury County Democrats. The Central Committee meets monthly. Most members of the Central Committee are elected every two years during the precinct caucuses. Each precinct is represented on the Central Committee. Members may also be appointed by the Chair, and there are a number of at-large members. NOTE: Any interested Democrat may attend the Central Committee meetings!

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The Woodbury County Democrats hold a number of recurring events, such as breakfasts, fundraisers, dinners, etc. Please check our calendar to see what’s coming up!