Alex Watters reception Thursday Oct. 16 at Morningside College

 A reception for Alex Watters will be held at Roadman Hall at 3900 Peters Ave. on the Morningside College campus from 4pm-6pm,Thursday, Oct. 16. Roadman Hall is across from the Student Center.  Alex will be speaking at 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM.
The Braley-Ernst debate will be that same evening at Morningside College, Eppley Auditorium starting at 7:00 PM so if you were planning on attending the debate you will be able to join us before and have some light refreshments and conversation with our intelligent and mature candidate. Please feel free to come when your time allows.


We are supporting him as many others are because he will bring a fresh perspective to Woodbury County.  As people that know Alex say, he is very approachable, smart, and open-minded.  Alex has said that he wants to build a better working relationship with the various communities in Woodbury County, the City of Sioux City and be a voice for men and women throughout our community.

 With the endorsements by the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce, the Firefighters and Sheriffs Unions, the Northwest Iowa Labor Council and AFSCME it is very encouraging that these groups also see that Alex Watters will be a positive leader that we need on the Woodbury CountyBoard of Supervisors.

 We are also working to raise money and awareness for his campaign.  If you can, please join us for this opportunity to meet Alex. If you cannot make it, please feel free to mail a check to:

                                      Alex Watters for Woodbury

                                      P.O. Box 5346

                                      Sioux City, IA 51102


    Whether you write a check or not, please come out for this opportunity to listen to Alex’s message. You will be impressed by Alex’s passion and vision for our county.  If you would like more information on the Watters for Woodbury campaign or would like to make a donation online, please visit


Thank you very much,

Tim and Kathy Bottaro, Leon and Ruth Koster, Tricia and Keith Sutherland, Vince and Diane Cox, Rick Mullin, Ester VanDyke, Rita and Dan DeJong, Dave Somsky and Heath Weber



Braley Ernst Debate Tickets Available

Tickets for  U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Bruce Braley and Republican candidate Joni Ernst debate are available.

The debate will take place at Morningside College’s Eppley Auditorium Thursday evening starting at 7 p.m.

People interested in attending should call Mo Marzouk at (267) 266-5174 or stop by our Office at 401 S. Lewis Blvd (intersection of Hwy. 75 South and Leech) to pick up a voucher.

Tickets are guaranteed for everybody who has a voucher, but only if they attend the 5:30 pm rally in the outdoor amphitheatre next to Eppley.   Otherwise there is no guarantee of an actual ticket.  People can do tickets one  +1 basis, but they will need to provide the person’s name they plan on bringing.
Because tickets are limited, it is strongly suggested people contact Mo as soon as possible.
Get involved and come support Congr. Braley to be elected the next U.S. Senator from Iowa.

Brad Anderson requests a “little help from his friends”

Democratic candidate Brad Anderson just put up his first TV spot. And it is nice.

There are only a little over 20 days left before the election Nov. 4. If you believe in what Brad says and has to offer, and you should, then help him out.

He believes it is important for all Iowans to exercise their right to vote. And believes in spending money NOT to keep people from voting, but to educate them and help them become involved voters.

Congressman King embraces out of towners, not so much Iowans

Much is being written about Congressman Steve King now not wanting to debate Democratic candidate Jim Mowrer for the Iowa Congressional District 4 seat. He doesn’t like a TV ad that states the obvious and what is in the public record, that he voted for pay raises for himself, and tried to repeal a law that takes away lifelong health insurance benefits for those who serve in Congress.

He is the Representative for a large body of people in Iowa.  And a large body of people want to see him debate. King accepted one debate after four months of deliberation with candidate Mowrer. So we know Mr. King has learned something in Congress, take your time and study the matter.

But he has not responded about a second debate that locally the TV station KTIV, and newspaper, the Sioux City Journal, want to sponsor on Oct. 19.  So Mr. King decides not to embrace his constituents, Iowans. However, the day before this debate is to take place, Mr. King is gladly embracing an out-of-towner, not a constituent.

“Congressman Steve King confirmed today Donald Trump will be in Iowa on October 18 to headline a fundraiser for the 4th District U.S. Representative. The event will be held at a private residence in West Des Moines.”

In a press release on King’s own website this is stated:

“Entrepreneur, tycoon, television personality, and Republican Donald Trump stated, “Iowans will never have to guess what they’re getting with Steve King. They appreciate the same conservative qualities that I admire in Steve……”

Yes they will have to guess. Because if Mr. King is a no-show for two debates for Iowans to hear,  they will have to guess at what he represents. And why do Iowans have to hear this from someone from out of state?

Maybe Mr. King should re-locate and run for Congress in Trump’s home state with that kind of ringing endorsement.

As for Mr. King’s dislike of the TV ad, like many others in the private industry, if you lose your job, you generally lose your benefits. Why does Congressman King believe he and others “serving” in Congress are special? Why did he vote to repeal that law so he could obtain lifelong health benefits. Apparently Mr. King is out of touch with Iowans, wanting to spend time privately with out-of-towners rather than publicly with constituents of his own state.


Steve King and media acquiescence

Yes, it has appeared in many news outlets that Iowa’s Fourth District Rep. Steve King (R) may pull out of the only scheduled debate with Democratic candidate Jim Mowrer.

The Des Moines Register ran a piece.

The Sioux City Journal ran a piece.

WHO TV station ran a piece.

And there are probably many more. But what seems to be missing is the outrage that Rep. King would even consider pulling out of the debate. In the various stories he says he may take up to the actual debate day to decide. It is not King’s choice. It is the choice of his constituents. The newspapers in the various communities should be demanding King grow up and act like the Congressman he purports to be.

Roger Ailes of Fox News fame and Karl Rove are the kings of political mud slinging and running famed ads with false truths about Democratic opponents. So his supposed astonishment and dislike of such an ad seems disingenuous. His constituents deserve better. And not just those constituents who voted for him, but for the independents who have not yet decided.

His action and these news stories set King up to be, well a king.  Someone to do as he pleases without regard to his minions.  The acquiescence of the media for not slamming King with disgust and taking him to task is beyond sad.  Where is the outrage of these public watchdogs. The local paper here has politely chastised Mr. King in the past for behaving badly. But there is no front page editorial taking him to task. Grow up Mr. King. Be the representative you claim to be and don’t play games.

This could be a political ploy for sympathy from voters. But if what Rep. King keeps saying in that he truly represents his constituents, he doesn’t need sympathy. He is doing what he believes. His loyal followers and supporters should also be angry with him. Is this what they expect from the fiery representative? To cut and run. Not to face up to these “false” allegations. It’s a political campaign.

If he can’t take the heat, and stand up to the awful mistruths he says his opponent is dishing out, then maybe it is time for him to retire and  find another occupation. And let the constituents of Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District be represented by someone who will stand up and not back away from meeting his adversaries head on.

Mowrer King debate dance

Iowa’s Fourth District Congressional Rep. Steve King is posturing and reported thinking about pulling out of the only debate scheduled so far with Democratic candidate Jim Mowrer.

A tactic to get his base energized? He is certain to be shocked, shocked, that there is gambling going on here.  A reference to the movie Casablanca about a false truth. It is probably certain that ads by conservative supporters of King are playing fast and loose with the facts as well. But the public record is that. King can produce that information to show the ad in question is false about his supporting his own pay raise and health benefits.

Then again he could take a page from candidate Joni Ernst’s playbook about minimum wage. And author a bill that House and Senate representatives receive minimum wage for their efforts since these days they are probably doing far less work than those people actually working minimum wage jobs.

Brad Anderson delivers for voters on Iowa Press

Iowa Secretary of State Democratic candidate Brad Anderson delivered for Iowa voters as he faced off with Republican candidate Paul Pate on Iowa Press recently.

While his Republican opponent echoed similar reframes of making certain Iowans have the opportunity to vote, it was Anderson who led the charge that there should opportunity to exercise that right with little impediment to obstruct one’s right to vote.

Woodbury County Democrats, promoting democratic ideals and greater participation.